There’s a reason you’re wanting an editor, and I’m glad you’ve found your way here. None of us do this alone. I respect your creative ability, and I’ll use all my skills to make others see it.

I’m a reader as well as an editor, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to loving a good story. No matter what your genre, we’ll work together to make sure your voice is heard and your story told the way you want it to be. Let's take the stress out of the process and get your story market ready.


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I’ve worked with DJ for a little over three years now. She was the lead editor on all three books of my MORE Trilogy, and I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through the process without her. As a new author, I was a little overwhelmed with everything that had to be done, and DJ was a calming force, talking me down when I was freaking out!

Of course, she's also an amazing editor, with a strong grasp of storytelling as well as spelling and grammar. She's quick to point out when something doesn't work or make sense but just as quick to say when writing is strong and the story is well told.

DJ tells it like it is, which is something that is precious to me in an editor. I don't want someone to fawn all over my book. I want someone who finds the weak points and works with me to make them stronger. DJ is definitely that person, and over our years together has also become an amazing friend. I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for a talented editor who's just as devoted as the author to making the book the best it can be.

T.M. Franklin

I was introduced to DJ last year as my first novel, The Wrong Woman, approached the dreaded editing process.

I found her to be funny, committed, passionate, and smart as a whip.
She was also patient, supportive, firm handed, and generous—all the qualities necessary for a lead editor for this or, I should think, any first-time author.

Her skills are unarguably top drawer. She cut through the nonsense of grammatical and punctuation issues with the cool precision of a surgeon, and I learned quickly that the choice of a comma over a semi­colon was nothing to lose sleep over. She taught me how to recognize that which makes the story move forward and how to admit when I was merely enjoying the sound of my own voice.

The process was not always smooth. How could it be? But DJ always knew when I needed either a soft, encouraging word or a swift, virtual kick in the pants. She was great at doling out both.

Ultimately, what can be said about a person who takes your precious scribbling and turns them into music? 

An artist in her own right, she had the uncanny ability to mimic my voice and turn a clumsy phrase into one that flowed. Indeed, as I've reread passages that she had the greatest influence on, it's impossible to see where I left off and she began.

She’s a former teacher and understands what it means not just to teach but also to instill the ability to learn. As a result, I'm a better writer today because of her, and my novel exists, both in my hand and out in the world—an effort that fills me with pride and gratitude.

Brenda J. Brown

Prior to meeting DJ, I went through the torturous editorial style of the Dummies franchise, a cookie-cutter format that, no matter your writing voice, must fit the Dummies For . . . books. Prior to meeting DJ, I had a dozen books published, two award-winning and many more nominations, as well as multiple articles. I like to tell people that I've had the honor of having my work ripped apart by editors at Sports Illustrated, Volvo’s customer magazine, Muscle & Fitness, and Fitness magazine. Suffice to say, I thought I had met every kind of editor there was and decided that true skill remained with the original author.

With the last publishing house I was under contract with, I met DJ and was instantly shocked. The detail she gave as she went through my manuscript was unprecedented in my experience, and I was certain she hated the book. But with every error she corrected, every weak plot link she addressed, she also offered more positive feedback than any editor—be it a magazine, newspaper, or book—had ever given.

Over the years, we have had a few arguments over words—specifically, spelling or proper capitalization (We still argue over Washington DC or Washington D.C.)—but I have never known an editor to become so invested in both project and person. You would think, seeing as it is ultimately my work, she would let me win.


Your book becomes her book. Your story becomes her story. You, as a client, become her number one priority, and if she believes it is wrong, she will move heaven and earth to fix it.

Unlike most editors, DJ will not chop away with heartless comments but offer suggestions. She is funny. In fact, I often enjoyed reading through her comments first as many were simply editorial snickers about a character or a line. So much so, that I insisted DJ remain as my lead editor for the remainder of my contract with that publishing house. 

With tremendous affection, I will tell you that DJ is compulsive. Anal. Unrelenting. She's a pit bull on fight night. She is so detail-oriented that you (the author) might possibly find yourself saying, "I don't know why he stood on that roof and threw the gun away. You tell me, DJ. Why did he do that?" And by damn, she will offer up reasons why your killer, the figment of your own imagination, might have done what he did.

There is the old saying that you don't know how great something was until it goes away. While working with the publishing house, DJ was a given. I signed with a different publishing house for a new book and was rocked back with how most editors are—didn't like it! I personally pay to have DJ back on my projects. You want the quality then you have to pay for quality. 

She is an extraordinary editor—one of the best kept secrets around—and I fear the day a huge publishing house snaps her up and she becomes too big to take my calls!

Alexandra Allred

DJ is such an amazing editor. I wouldn't even think of writing a book without her help. She not only has a flawless grasp of grammar and style, she also 'gets' my characters to the point that I sometimes think she knows them better than I do! I can't recommend DJ highly enough. Everything she does adds to the quality of my work.  But I would secure her services early, because she'll be working for me throughout my entire writing career. 

Vanessa Skye

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